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We invest in today to be prepared for tomorrow. We consistently upgrade our equipment, making sure it meets the levels of excellence we require. We also provide the following services which sets us apart from other stainless fabrication professionals:

AMI automatic tube welder

The welds produced by our Orbital Welder meet or exceed the specifications required by diverse industries such as: semiconductor, food/dairy/beverage, pharmaceutical, aerospace, and nuclear.

Advanced Stainless has gone the extra step of certifying the weld produced under the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Regulation through TSSA.

CNC Waterjet Cutting

Capacity-6 x 10 table
Maximum thickness depends on material, and desired tolerances. We’ve cut 2” thick stainless plate in preparation for final machining!
We probably won’t be the cheapest in custom cutting, but we can offer complete confidence to clients that cannot risk cross-contamination, as we don’t cut any mild steel on our table.

Chemical Etching/ Marking

Whether you need to label pipes, or etch in permanent identification markings on your stainless equipment, chemical etching is a good alternative to stickers and labels that peel off overtime or don’t stand up to washdown environments. Call for further details.

Plate and Structural Polishing

We offer custom polishing of your stainless and aluminum plate up to 36” wide, and structural stainless tubing up to 6”.

CWB Certified, TSSA Certified

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