Our Staff

Our staff are committed to excellence in everything they do.

Committed to Excellence

Without a question, each member of our team is chosen for their character. Honesty, integrity and a commitment to the customer are character traits we look for. Our team is here to serve you. They are friendly and the respectful to the customer, other tradesmen and their own peers. We strongly believe this culture of respect is the groundwork for developing all other skills.

Advanced Stainless is committed to developing a comprehensive team of professionals equipped to design, build and install a wide range of stainless processing solutions. Our team knows stainless and, on average, has more than 10 years of experience in the specific field. Our management team has been designing and delivering stainless solutions for over 25 years.

Training and Certifications are up-to-date and relevant to customer’s needs and industry trends. Each team member is required to upgrade their education, maintaining a current understanding and expertise on welding techniques and safety.

Thank you for all the top notch work performed by you and your crew during shut down, as always a pleasure to work with you guys"

Maintenance Manager
Global Food Company

CWB Certified, TSSA Certified

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